Will Power System (WPS)

WPS Download Link

What is the Will Power System?

The Will Power System is a free application for your smartphone that brings the interactivity of the Force of Will trading card game to a whole new level.

In each pack of Force of Will trading cards, there is a unique QR code, by scanning the code with the free Will Power System app, you can accumulate points. At the end of each season (running from September to August of the following year) your world wide rank is registered and you will receive prizes based on your rank! These prizes can’t be obtained anywhere else, so do your best to accumulate lots of points!

Note that at the end of a season, your current points and rank will be reset, your prizes depend on what your rank was before the reset. Reset points are still properly displayed through the ‘Lifetime Points’ section, which displays all the points you’ve accumulated throughout all seasons.

Ranks and Rewards

VIP 600 Points 12 PR Card Rewards
A 400 Points 8 PR Card Rewards
B 300 Points 4 PR Card Rewards
C 200 Points 2 PR Card Rewards
D 100 Points 1 PR Card Reward
E Below 100 Points A Randomly Selected 300 People Will Receive A Prize

New VIP Sub-Rankings

For the first time, players in the VIP will gain extra prizes compared to their ranking with other VIP players!

1 1st Sub-rank Prize
2~9 2nd Sub-rank Prize
10~100 3rd Sub-rank Prize
101~200 4th Sub-rank Prize
201~300 5th Sub-rank Prize
301~400 6th Sub-rank Prize
401~500 7th Sub-rank Prize

*Sub-rank prizes are not yet determined and will be announced in the future.

WPS Download Link