The Caster Chronicles Trading Card Game

The Caster Chronicles is a Japanese trading card game created by the Force of Will game company.

The game’s simple concepts and dual styling with cute casters, and creepy servants set the stage for a game rife with intrigue in a unique and creative world!

Simple Core Concepts

Because The Caster Chronicles tracks the victory condition through elements on the field (orbs), there’s no need to manage a life number or the like, making the game easy to manage for new players!


Solis is orange, and the element of gluttony. Solis cards burn through both their own and their opponent’s resources. Forcing players to banish servants or discard cards. Gobble up your own resources for extra power!


Luna is yellow, and the element of greed. Luna cards are all about gaining more of your own resources, particularly through drawing lots of cards from your deck. Build your hand to crush your opponent!


Ignus is red, and the element of anger. Ignus cards are all about combat strength, boosting up your own servants’ ATK while using furious fire to eliminate opposing ones. Burn your enemies to cinders and attack without mercy.!


Aqua is blue, and the element of intellect. Aqua cards involve precise strategies, and always being in control. Search your deck for the exact cards you need, and remove troublesome enemy servants from the field. Total control means total victory!


Silva is green, and the element of freedom. Silva cards are powerful, but their carefree attitude often means they’re a bit slower than other elements. They can spread this laziness to enemy cards as well. Slow your opponent down to your level and overpower them with superior stats!


Aes is pink, and the element of love. Aes cards are manipulative, often changing the position of enemy and allied servants on the fly, and even stealing control of enemy servants. Turn the enemy’s cards against them for a decisive victory!


Terra is purple, and the element of pride. Terra cards are statistically weaker than most other elements, but that’s because they have no need to dirty their hands in combat. Many Terra servants can attack the opponent even when there are enemy reversed servants. Make quick work of the enemy with non-stop direct attacks!