Collaboration Booster Pack[ Magical Girl Raising Project ]

Release Date : 04/27/2018

Magical Girl Raising Project takes the stage in this new collaboration booster for The Caster Chronicles!
Many new and charming magical girls!
Abilities designed after the Magical Girl Raising Project characters are yours to command!

* This card set is written in Japanese.

■ Product Contents


49 different cards + 18Parallel Cards + BOX PR card (16 kinds ) + α

1Pack Contains 6 Random Cards.
1Box Contains 6Packs.
1 Carton Contains 16Boxes.

■Purchase Bonus 

- 1BOX
A special bonus PR card is included in each purchase of a booster box! 

- 1 Carton
A special bonus playmat is included with each purchase of six booster boxes!