Announcement : Deletion of several illustrations

Greetings to all guardians of the world.
From April 11th, we will delete several card illustrations.
The corresponding cards are below:

CTD-005 / SD01-007 / BP01-034 Paruetta
BP02-026 Chain of Hearts
BP02-034 Shura Psyche
BP02-044 Broom Schlein
BP02-064 Oar Schlein
BP03-002 Afternoon Ramie
BP04-039 Tina
BP04-044 Tea Ceremony

<Reason for deletion>

The previous management matrix vended these illustrations to other company before TCG Co.,Ltd got this game rights.
And we’ve received a requests of deletion from its company.
Therefore these illustrations will delete from this website. However you can use these cards from here on out officially, and it doesn’t effect to our products and game system.
In addition we already checked that previous management matrix didn’t vend illustrations anymore.

We are terribly sorry that we troubled all players and illustrators.
Thank you for your continuous support.