All about Soul Bond Servants and How to Use Them

In the second booster pack for Casters, we see the arrival of a new kind of card type, soul bond servants!

What are soul bond servants?

First please look at a Soul Bond Servant card.

In the upper left, you’ll see that the card does not have a cost or element. 

(This means the card has a cost of 0 and has no element.) 

Soul bond servants are placed in the extra deck, a deck of only soul bond servants, and are put into the field when certain conditions are fulfilled.

(Rules on extra deck construction will be published later)

Let’s continue to using soul bond servants!

Step.1 Using the Soul Bond conjure!

To call out these servants, you’ll need to use the Aes card [Soul Bond]. The card’s text allows you to pay the element cost of the card with aether of any element (aether of no element doesn’t work), so you can use the card in any deck.


Step.2 Put a Soul Bond Servant on the Field

When using the [Soul Bond] conjure, you prepare the soul bond servant and its stock cards made from designated caster cards. (Each soul bond servant lists several caster card names separated by a ♥ .)

1. Choose a soul bond servant from the extra deck.

2. For the stock, choose the appropriate caster cards from your hand or caster zone. When choosing cards from your caster zone, that caster’s orientation (rested, recovered, flipped over) does not matter.

3. Put the two stock cards beneath the one soul bond servant card, and put them into the field.


Step.3 When a Soul Bond Servant is Attacked

Soul bond servants have an ability called Soul Seal. Using this ability, these cards can banish their stock cards to stay on the field when they would normally be destroyed. Simply put, soul bond servants can take three attacks.

Step.4 Re-using [Enter] abilities

Soul Seal provides another option, by banishing one card in the soul bond resonator’s stock, that card’s [Enter] ability is activated again.

Note that this means that you can choose to banish both stock cards one after another, meaning a player can re-play their [Enter] ability multiple times. However, this ability can only be used during main timing (Main timing is any time you can normally play a servant.)